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Update on Alex Adams

We've just received more news from Julie regarding Alex's progress. Unfortunately, he had a tough time over the weekend just passed. He had been losing quite a lot of blood and doctors were concerned about the situation but were unsure as to what had been causing the haemorrhage. On Sunday evening, however, the blood loss suddenly became more acute and doctors decided that Alex would have to undergo surgery. Despite the fact that he is obviously quite weak after the trauma of the illness over recent weeks, Alex stood up well to the surgery and the surgeon was pleased with the operation. It was discovered that the bleeding, which has been a persistent and worrying problem was being caused by an ulcer which had ruptured. The ulcer was removed during the operation and the hope now is that the elimination of this particular problem will really assist Alex in his recovery. As Julie said, the hope now is that he's over this major hurdle and that the road to recovery will be straighter from now. *** UPDATE 28th. December *** We received some wonderful news in an email from Julie Adams regarding Alex's recent progress. He was moved out of the intensive care unit to go to a ward a little over a week ago and has been doing brilliantly by all accounts ever since. Julie says that he's now chatting to everyone and is fine spirits - bantering them and giving them a bit of stick. They are now hopeful that it won't be too long before he'll be able to see visitors and that they have every reason to hope that he will soon even be allowed home. And hopefully that will be the next news you see here on these pages! We're all delighted to hear such good news coming out of the Adam's camp - particularly at this time of year and our best wishes are with Alex for a continuing speedy recovery! *** UPDATE 12th. January *** Roger was up visiting Alex during the week and got in touch with me to say that he is still showing further great signs of recovery and is really getting back to his usual self, enjoying a bit of banter and 'crack'! In fact, he asked Roger to spread the word that he would like to see visitors now to help break up the day. (He really must be getting bored if he wants some of us cretins up to see him!). If you are keen to drop in on him, you need to go to the 'new block' of the Royal Victoria, up to the 7th. floor, then to Ward 7a and you will find him in a room off the main ward to the left. (See below for an update to Alex's location!). Visitors are welcome from 1.00 but Roger pointed out that Carole and the girls are up to see him every evening from about 5.00 so it's really during the early afternoon period that he appreciates seeing a few friendly faces... *** UPDATE 22nd. January *** Alex has now been moved from the Royal Hospital as his recovery continues. Anyone wishing to visit him should now go to the Withers Building at Musgrave Hospital where he can be found in Ward 1a.

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