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Carrickfergus Cricket Club Social Media Policy


  • A dedicated club member must be the owner of the Club account. Other members can be made administrators on an account and may post content but the account must ultimately be "owned" one accountable member.

  • Do not post anything that is confidential, sensitive, or private.

  • Follow all applicable laws including libel, defamation and privacy.

  • Follow all Social Media site rules. Here are the terms for Facebook and Twitter.

  • Respect copyright and fair use.


Best Practices

  • Think twice before posting.  If you wouldn't want your boss, parents, or future employer to see your post, don't post it.

  • Be accurate.  If you make a mistake, own up and correct it quickly.

  • Be respectful.  Be positive.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated. It's the Golden Rule!

  • Be honest.  Be transparent.  Always tell the truth.

  • Remember many different audiences will see your posts including the other members, the local public, kids, parents, past players, other teams etc.

  • Be professional and polite.

  • Remember that the internet is permanent.  Even if you delete something, it’s still out there somewhere.  Google has a long memory!

  • Avoid topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory, like politics and religion.

  • Don't post anything that you wouldn’t say openly in a workplace such as comments about drug use, profanity, off-colour or sexual humour, ethnic slurs, or personal insults.

  • Be in the right state of mind when you make a post. Don't post when you're angry, upset, or your judgment is impaired in any way.  Remember, the internet is permanent!


Note regarding personal social media accounts:

  • We believe deeply in free speech, but if you post anything regarding the Club from your personal social media account, be transparent and aware that what you say could have implications on the Club as a whole.

  • If you post an opinion about the Club, other clubs or the NCU or Cricket Ireland on your own accounts, please make it clear that your post represents your OWN view and does not represent the Club.

  • Understand and use the privacy settings! Facebook and Twitter

  • You should assume anything you post on your personal account could be read by opposing teams, recruits, other club members etc.


Advice for Under 18’s:

1. Do not ask your club coach or teacher to be your social networking site friend – they will refuse as that would breach good practice.

2. Use the internet positively and do not place yourself at risk. Have a look at for some useful tips.

3. Consider who you are inviting to be your friend and follow the good advice of the social networking sites to ensure you are talking to the person you believe you are talking to.

4. Always remember that anything you say including photos, pictures and video clips posted on your site may be shared with people other than those for whom it was intended.

5. Never post or send any photographs, videos or make comments that may be: hurtful, untrue and upsetting and you may regret sharing later on: they may be used by other people in a way you did not intend or want.

6. Always be aware that social networking sites are a method of communication like letter writing and the spoken word.  They are bound by the same laws and rules.  Such technology is instant and this allows you as the user to react in the ‘heat of the moment’, where in the past you would have been required to write a letter which would have taken time and allowed for you to think again before sending.  So never place a comment on the internet that you would not put in writing or say to the individual concerned as to do so may not only breach the Club’s policy but also the law.


Failure to comply with this policy will lead to sanctions being imposed.


For more information please contact: 

Richard Hood

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