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Club learns of tragic death of John Solanky

Sad news was received today by Club officials of the tragic and sudden death of John Solanky. John, who was a much-loved and highly-respected member of the Club, was found today at home having suffered a heart attack in his sleep. The former professional and coach at neighbours Cliftonville, John had settled in the East Antrim area teaching in a local school and, for more years than most of us would care to remember, has been a fixture at our Club. He has long been a loyal supporter of our Club and was delighted by our long-awaited successes of this season. He was a true cricketing man with a wealth of experience at the very highest levels and many of us, young and old, have benefited from his wisdom over the years - when he spoke he commanded respect. John's family are taking him to London for burial at Southall on Friday 18 October. Our deepest sympathy go to his family at this sad time. He will be badly missed by his many friends at Carrickfergus Cricket Club and in the wider NCU and Irish cricketing communities.

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