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Andrew's Aussie Diary 3

Hello from a still hot Brisbane. This is my last diary from Queensland before I return home to a slightly cooler climate. I hope everyone has recovered from Christmas and New Year festivities.

I have completed my Level 1 coaching and had the privilege the week before Christmas working with Carl Rackemann. Carl is the head of the Australian Cricket Academy and former head coach of Zimbabwe and past international bowler for Australia. Carl had come to Brisbane to take a one week coaching camp for young people and I was one of the junior coaches selected to assist him. This was a great experience for me.

I had three days off over Christmas and I went to Melbourne with my Mum and Dad to spend the holidays with some relatives. On boxing day I met up with Laura a Carrick supporter at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Laura was in Melbourne for her holidays with a friend and had managed to get tickets for Boxing Day at the test for myself and Dad. Many thanks to Laura.

The academy played in the Queensland Country Week cricket tournament the 27th to the 31st December. We played three games in which I bowled quite well. The Academy matches have been going well for me as I have been taking wickets and scoring runs. In the four matches I have scored 137 runs and taken 9 wickets. I have been scoring more consistently for Beenleigh with 173 runs in the last 5 games. Geraint Jones has been playing for Beenleigh since the last test finished. He played here before and he has been very friendly with Richie and myself. I have been involved with the English one day team when they were in Brisbane bowling for them. I have been in nets regularly with the Queensland Bulls.

I have really enjoyed my time in Queensland and would recommend it to any young player wanting to improve their game and improving their social skills. I will be home in time for the indoor nets and look forward to meeting everyone again. I hope we can improve on last season and prove to everyone that we are a good section one team. Andrew Cowden

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