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It's a 365-day job!

With some minor work going on on the general appearance of the Club, we thought we'd keep you posted as to how it's all going...

Sunday 22nd November saw a team of members volunteer to weed and re-stone the Car Park. Lead by Head-Groundsman Jason Campbell, they started early, and only thanks to several layers, and an Ulster Fry provided by The Square View Restaurant, did they manage not to be frozen solid!

The viewing gallery, over looking the playing area, has been given a much-needed wash. Here's hoping it will be the scene of many celebrations in 2016!

And, last but not least, Leslie Thompson continues to maintain the playing area, ensuring it will be in the best possible shape for the 2016 Season. 'A man's work is never done!'

Thanks to everyone who volunteers throughout the Club, espescially in the off-season. Your efforts are invaluable.

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